When you construct a home, the entryway is the cynosure of all eyes. Added to this is the front door that comes equipped with a locking system and a vintage knocker. The purpose of a front door is to welcome visitors and prevent intruders from breaking into your home. When they vie much attention, there is always one question that bothers an owner.

Should you choose a mahogany or oak doors? Are fir wooden doors better than teak doors? www.housebeautiful.com gives you plenty of ideas to choose the right type of entry door based on your lifestyle and budget.

Mahogany Doors

One of the distinctive characteristics of a mahogany wood is the brilliant color. They are available in shades of red, light brown and a blend of dark brown and pinkish brown. These types of wooden doors add a classy and stylish look to your home.

Fir Wood Doors

When compared to the trendy mahogany, a fir wood entry door is extremely light. You can choose this variant for the entrance if you are looking for smart products at low price. When taken good care, they last as long as 5 to ten years.

Oak Doors

After mahogany, oak doors have slowly gained popularity and have made their way into people’s choice of front entry doors. They are known to last long, and this can be ascertained by the fact that oak doors that are over 100 years are sold as antique doors in the market.

Dark brown color is a popular choice amongst buyers.

Alternative Choices

If you are on the lookout for other options for your front door, you can choose from steel and fiberglass doors. These have higher ratings than the regular wooden doors and offer better insulation.

Ordering A Wooden Door

After you have finalized on the material, order them from retailers or dealers in your city. Take proper measurements of the doorway, so you do not go through the installation woes, or even worse, you might have to get another new set.


Familiarize yourself with these terms so you can talk like a pro when buying a door. First measure the door frame’s width and then the height from the base to the top. There should be sufficient space for assembling the prehung.


The final measurements should be a quarter inch shorter and constricted than the initial size. This is to ensure that the door has enough place to swing freely. The thickness can be determined by taking into account dimensions from the inside edge of the jamb to the innermost corner of the stop.

When you order a front door, remember to give the measurements in feet and inches. Mention the width followed by the height of the doorway. Using jargon can be an added advantage.

Like people, doors are distinguished into left-handed and right-handed. Remember that a right-handed doorway has the hinges towards the right when you observe then from the outside. The same rule applies for a left-handed door.

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