With the technological boom and internet being so common, the world has undergone a major change so that almost all of us spend more time in the virtual world than in the real world. The number of times we click on links or check out websites one single day itself can be a huge number. NeoBux asks you to just Click Here, and your account will be flooded with easy cash. It is certainly a tempting offer, and many of us do fall for that sort of offer. But the truth is far from it. As per there are many genuine earning jobs through the internet, so just look out for the best.

Getting To Know About NeoBux
NeoBux is a pay-to-click website that claims to pay easy money for every click you make on their website advertisements. You also get paid for performing easy online tasks and referrals. It was founded by a person named Fernando. It is not even clear whether that name is a real one or a fake one. Though they claim that you can earn easy cash through the site, the maximum amount you can make one day is just a little more than $1. It is as small as that. Hence, it is just sheer wastage of time and effort. You just end up earning a sum of money next to nothing.

Making Money With NeoBux
There are various ways offered by NeoBux to make easy money. The major three ways to make cash through NeoBux are:

This is the method by which the users can earn money by clicking links and viewing their websites. The users can earn around $0.15 to $0.2 per each click they make.

Small jobs
The users can perform small tasks like data entry, website testing, data search, surveys and categorization. For each of the $1 the users earn from such jobs, they get about 12 % bonus. The pay each user receives always varies according to the tasks they receive.

The users can refer anyone to NeoBux and earn cash for the same. The users get extra $0.05 to $0.1 for each of the clicks these referrals make on the site. The users can even pay to rent referrals and get money from them for 30 days.

Increasing Occurrence Of Complaints Against NeoBux
The complaints against NeoBux are increasing day by day. The earnings one makes from NeoBux are too low to be even considered as income. If one quits their job and depends on NeoBux for a living, then they will probably have to starve or borrow money from others. A standard member just earns about $0.17 per day. That is such a low value that it can’t be even considered as an earning. Hence, NeoBux can never be considered as a real income source for anyone.

Another issue is that if the users are not actively using their NeoBux account and don’t log into it for 30 days, the account gets suspended temporarily. If the lack of activity extends for over 60 days, then the account will be permanently closed. If the account gets permanently closed, all the earnings of the user go down the drain, and they can never claim it back.

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