Recruiting is a time-consuming process which needs a lot of patience to hire the perfect fit for a job position. Most companies make the mistake of allocating the task of sourcing, interviewing and selecting to an already busy manager. Any error in judgment due to lack of time spent in this process can turn out to be costly especially in dental practice. To hire the right people, many practices in the dental industry are hiring placement companies like First Point Recruitment, Perth. Experts at report that companies who are on the lookout for employees permanent or temporary are investing on hiring right people using such placement companies.

Below are some of the tips on how to hire.

Through Referrals: There are numerous benefits of hiring people through reliable referral sources. The employees who work for is a great source for reference.

Companies through their employee referral program can find the right people for the job, by offering rewards for employees who refer talented and experienced individuals it is a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer.

Developing and maintaining a good professional relationship with premier educational establishments in dental industry is also a good way to hire fresh talent and a quick way of recruitment and to fill the vacancy.

Staffing or placement services or headhunters who specialize in dental industry is another excellent way to hire. These placement services will have a database of proven and highly talented people who are actively on the lookout for jobs.

Marketing your job: Marketing plays a major role in filling up your job vacancy. These days’ prospective candidates look at online reviews of your practice before attending the interview. Most candidates look at your social media presence during their research on the job posting. Research also states that your online presence should represent your practice as an enjoyable, professional and fruitful practice for right candidates to appear for interviews.

Interview process: A job interview is a process in which both the parties should end up being satisfied with the process. Interview, as well as the subsequent processes, has to be a smooth ride for the candidate. Your interviewer should not try to sell the practice by making unrealistic and untrue statements about your practice. Do not be overly worried about candidates who do not respond immediately to your job offer. Give them time to decide after explaining the positives of your offer. If you have hired a placement service to conduct interviews, allow them time to understand your practice and let them find the right candidate.

Onboarding process, the process of inducting new employees, should be awe-inspiring as this will set the tone for the way work is to be conducted in your practice.

When to get help: If you feel that you or your interview panel does not have the time needed to spend on finding right candidates, it’s best to accept this fact and look to hire professional services who can do the job for you. Hiring is a job which is a full-time effort and requires relentless and undivided effort to get a right candidate to build a strong team for your dental practice.

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