Scam and Escape Methods


The scam is basically referred as a fraudulent activity which is normally executed by some individuals, a group of people or sometimes even companies. There are different types of scams used by the scammers in the world, and it depends on the field they choose to cheat people. Fraud and technology normally travel on the same direction. As technology develops the fraudster also use high tech technology methods to cheat innocent people. We will find out how to protect ourselves from various scams in this topic. There will be some special info regarding scams which will alert you while you are being targeted by the fraudster. Please refer for more details.

Banking Transactions
Online banking transactions are the main target of fraud groups. We need to be very careful while doing any kind of online banking transactions using unsecured internet connections such as public internet facility. The fraud groups can easily access all your confidential details such as User ID and Login Password. The unsecured public Internet connections will enable the fraud groups to gain access to your bank account details. It is always good to change their login password very frequently. Another famous method used by scammers is asking for your banking details over the phone. Some innocent people without knowing the background of the call simply provide their confidential information to the caller. Please note that Banks never call their customers to validate their banking account details over the phone.

System Update
Some fraud people will send some messages to you stating that your computer has been affected by a virus and try to get access of your computer. They normally pose as the authorized dealer of your computer software. If you provide your computer access to any third party without authenticity, you will be in great trouble.

Mail Scam
An email scam is the most common method used by fraudulent groups. Normally they will send an email with an external link. They will ask you to open the link for getting some big rewards. Please don’t ever open an external link which is received from unknown people. Some will ask you to fund some outside accounts for charity purpose. These scammers will hack the email accounts of genuine people and send these kinds of emails. It is always advisable to do a proper authentication check before doing any financial transactions.

Lottery Draw
This is one of the very common methods of cheating innocent people. Scammers will send some messages through email or text messages stating that you have won some million dollars in a lucky draw. How can you win a lottery without your involvement at all? Please do not fall into these kinds of scams.

Stay Clam if affected by Scam
Scammers will always find out some new methods to do their fraudulent activities. It is quite easy to make a cloned card. After making a cloned card scammers will try to get your card pin number. So they will call and tell some stories to you to get access to your card details. Please do not panic if you come to know that you are being targeted by scammers. Immediately inform the fraud department of your bank.